lock and security solutions


Restricted & High Security

The locks that you rely on to protect your family and/or your business can
be opened without any damage - IN SECONDS - BY JUST ABOUT ANY-

Using easily found information about "Bump Keys" for "common", every-
day keys. You DO NOT NEED any special tools - or locksmith training!

All you need is a normal key that can be filed down with an ordinary file. Or
you can purchase a pre-made bump key from off the internet. People need
to know that this is SO SIMPLE, that a 9 yr. old could easily do this! This

The reality is that your home or business CAN BE ENTERED WITHOUT
ANY SIGNS OF A TYPICAL "FORCED ENTRY". Granted, some of your
possessions are insured and can easily be replaced, but some of your
most precious possessions ARE NOT COVERED by insurance - ima-
gine how devastating this could be!!!

Imagine the "Ulitimate Nightmare Scenario"... Some lunatic, leaving
no sign of forced entry - thus giving NO WARNING - waiting for your
unsuspecting wife and/or children to arrive home... NOT GOOD!

Everyone would be wise to learn more about LOCK BUMPING!

Check out this shocking video for yourself...