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• We Are The Local Experts On Physical Security Solutions.
• Certified * Registered * Bonded * Fully Insured
• Residentail * Commercial * Industrial
• High Security Locks & Hardware Solutions
• Multi-Unit / Apartment Master Key Systems (Our Specialty!)
• Restricted Key-Way Locks (to prevent unauthorized dup. of keys)
• Selective Entry, Access Control & Electronic Locking Solutions
• Aluminum & Glass Door Lock, Closer & Hardware Solutions
• Exit Devices * Panic Bars * Controlled Exit Hardware Solutions
• Burglar - Fire - Gun Safes / Vaults Sold & Serviced
• 24 Hr. Emergeny Home & Business
- Lock-Out / Opening Service
• 24 Hr. Emergency Break-In Repairs


Do Not Duplicate Myth

Unauthorized key duplication remains the single most violated security
policy in today's business. Those seeking to have a key copied usually
meet with little or NO resistance. In face, nearly all keys can - and will -
be duplicated with NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The stamping of "DO NOT
DUPLICATE" actually presents a challenge to most key cutters rather
than a threat. There are no legal consequences protecting these keys
from being duplicated by anyone. Is has been estimated that unauthor-
ized key duplication accounts for as much as 50% of unexplained illegal
entries, resulting in BILLIONS of dollars lost to businesses each year.

So you don't think you need High Security?

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