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Dear Applicant, It is our pleasure to greet you as a friend of American Pride Services Inc. For over 20 years we've been welcoming new employees and establishing long, pleasant relationships.

We look forward to working with you!!!

No matter how much, or how little experience you have now,
we will provide you with as much training as needed. We
offer flexible hours and an opportunity to work with a
fun & friendly crew, while learning some of the great
services we provide. Carpentry, plumbing, electrical,
locksmithing, screen repair, lawncare, landscaping,
appliance repair and more (all within the boundaries
of the state and local codes and laws)

Please completely fill out the application and questionnaire
provided. When complete, please contact us by phone to set
up a time to meet with us. This will allow us to review your appli-
cation and have a brief inter- view all at the same time.